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Infinite Potential

 Welcome! We are happy you have joined us!

Our Mission is simple: 

Finding meaning in times of uncertainty and using challenges as opportunities to grow.

Cultivating self-awareness as a foundational tool for wellbeing.

Acquiring self-knowledge, finding our purpose and living a life driven by it,  benefits not only us individually but helps create a better world for all.

Creating healthy habits and practicing  mindful wellness, making self-care a priority.

Cultivating  acceptance, compassion, loving-kindness, friendliness as an expression of our gratitude to the world, to all sentient beings and to the Universe we all are part of.

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Infinite Potential
Day 1

From Awareness to Letting Go

Find a place within yourself
where nothing is impossible
~ Dr. Deepak Chopra


Micole Noble

We are honored to have

Micole Noble joins us with  a Keynote and welcoming everyone to Infinite Potential.

Micole will help us set intentions for connecting with our true self and find our purpose.

Micole Noble is a Certified Chopra Master Educator and Chopra faculty member and Mentor Coach.

Being Whole of Me

EK Cameron

EK believes that Mindfulness, and Meditation practice is one of the fundamental tools for being empowered, creative and whole.

Included in out virtual Swag Bag are 4 Free coaching session with EK as a Chopra Certified Well-Being coach.


It is OK to Be Selfish

Anni Tuffnell

Some times you just need to be selfish and take care of you.

If they love you, they will understand"

~ Robert Tew

Curious? Come and join the conversation with Anni.

Brain Benders - Neuroplasticity, Meditation and Psychedelics

Jim Adams

Your brain is ideally suited to change. Because, in a manner of speaking, it’s “plastic.”

There is a fast way to change your brain and a slow way. And in this presentation, I’ll cover my own experiences with each and how, in fact, both ways are complementary. Tune in, turn on, rewire.

Everyday Mindfulness - the doorway to freedom and joy

Val Markovska

What is your definition of Mindfulness? Ice here is all the time on social media, in the gym, in the yoga studio.

But, is it something we "do" to get to the next thing or is it part of hour being?

Why being mindful is as easy as taking a breath?

I will share my personal experience with mindfulness and we will open the door to freedom and joy.

It's easy...once it becomes a part of you.



You are Unique: From

Self-doubt to Self-healing, to Self-empowerment...

Riya Wang 

Join me and I will guide you to xplore your true capabilities and help you develop understanding of how you can use your inner strengths to succeed in all aspects of your life.

In this presentation I will share my own experience and will lead you to a profound shift in self-awareness, self-perception, and self-acceptance


Trees can help take

are of us too

Cécile Bersegeay

Cécile will share an Ayurvedic approach of  how to welcome the healing energy of trees. 

She will share a 7-step process to helps us connect and heal.

Loving-Kindness Meditation

Val Markovska

I am inviting you to join me in this unique Loving -Kindness Meditation that brings clarity and brightness of the mind, as well as lightness of being.

By cultivate the heart qualities of acceptance, friendliness, 

 compassion, happiness, we can begin to heal our meotions and our relationships with others.

Loving-Kindness Meditation is also knows as Metta Meditation

May you  be safe and well

May you be peaceful

May you be accepted for who you are

May you live with ease and kindness

Open Mic

Time for Q & A

We are looking forward connecting with you, Getting to know you and Learning from you.

This will be a time for an open conversation and share as we hold space for each other and listen with an open heart and an open mind.

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Infinite Potential
Day 2

You are the 
Creator of
Your Life

What you Seek is
Seeking you
~ Rumi

Why Am I Here?

Irene Ott Rueckert

I will be sharing some insights to this question that I have been asking myself since decades, followed by a short meditation and open discussion.


"The two most important days in your life are 

The day we are born and the day we found out why"

~ Mark Twain.

Healing Negative Emotions

Fernanda Machado

Emotions are energy and if not transformed and not healed they become toxic.

Fernanda will share her personal experience and tools for emotional healing.


 How attention can improve wellbeing

Sujan Shah

Energy flows where attention goes.


Find out how to go with the flow while being attentive with effortless ease.


Acceptance and Self Love

Nathan Green

I am honored to spend some time with you.

We will discuss how acceptance and Self-Love can be used as a wonderful tool to awaken.

We will share the space of a group meditation.


 Heal your mind-body  by connecting to your higher self and  exploring the process of "shadow" work

Saule Ilona Vaida

By understanding and constructing our own imaginary world within, through visualization and meditation techniques, we can effectively access and heal the parts of us hurting and allow them to reintegrate with our higher self.


In this talk, we're going to be exploring the process of "shadow" work, how "past" lifetime traumas relate to these life experiences and do a short meditation together to feel and access our inner world. 

Sankalpa - Reclaim your creative Powers with  

Yoga Nidra Practice

Val Markovska

Yoga Nidra is known as a guided meditation that brings  deep emotional and physical healing and relaxation. 

Yoga Nidra is a state of consciousness where we are fully awake, aware and able to create our best life.


Create a Sankalpa - an intention, energized by your heart's deepest and truest  desire, project it as a vision of your best life and let the Universe take care of all the details of manifesting it. 

Yoga Nidra is also known as Yogic sleep. It is a practice when our senses are drawn  inward,  bringing us to a state of deep physical , mental and emotional relaxation. It takes us to a state of dynamic sleep where we are awake,  still our senses are soft, relaxed and directed inward.

For this practice you will need to lie down on the floor in a quiet place and be comfortable. Perhaps have a blanker or a pillow for comfort and support.

Yoga at Home
Yoga Symmetry
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