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Fall Forward

Feeling stuck, stagnant, held back, or as if you’ve “fallen behind” in life? It’s totally normal to feel this way, in 2022 of all times… But the truth is, your “setbacks” are actually a setup for greatness. This weeklong training series will start you along a path of self-rediscovery, and guide you as you learn to embrace unique personal qualities that will allow you to turn trash into treasure & sh*t into gold - the true definition of “falling forward”. 


These days it’s far too easy for us to lose sight of our internal compass and GPS systems. Not just physically (although that may be the case for you too), but more so when it comes to living your purpose. Your purpose has nothing to do with a certain career path, job title, or position in society. It’s not the number in your bank account or IG follower count either. 


Your purpose is YOUR unique, never-before-seen blend of natural talents, learned skills & lifelong energetic themes that is meant to be lived in alignment, allowing you to leave a mark on this world. Unfortunately, most of us are discouraged from living our true purpose in many ways - distractions, doubtful nagging voices, disapproval of others (or just the thought of it). If you’re reading this, it’s time that you stopped feeding these things with your precious life force energy. And started investing it back into yourself.


Join Chopra-certified teacher & founder of The Light Between, Val Markovska, and former influencer/popstar turned budding wellness leader Ashley Aurora as we dare to shake up the very foundations of our lives so far. This autumnal excursion of the mind, heart & soul will bring you back to yourself, and you’ll realize that every mistake you’ve ever made is actually a building block that belongs to the foundation of what’s to come.

Join us  every morning from Monday, November 7th to Friday, November 11th for an hour of connecting, inspiring, sharing, walking together the path of more self love, gratitude, joy and harmony.


This is live Zoom event and will be streamed on a private Facebook page. 

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Fall Forward
Day 1

An Excursion into Self-Inquiry

" I am not who I think I am. I only experience life through who I think I am."

~ Steve Dahl

Dare to be You

Day 1 begins with a dive into self-inquiry, where we leave our preconceptions at the door & reconnect with who we truly are...who we lived as before being given identities, labels & limitations by those around us & society at large. This process will be fun, insightful & illuminating, paving the way for the rest of the week's material.

Look in the mirror and gaze upon your soul, the purest & most original expression of YOU before all the conditioning. Before you were told what is and isn't possible. The truth is, you're way too infinite for that.

Puffin Searching for Food
Puffin Searching for Food

Fall Forward 
Day 2

An Excursion into Self-Inquiry, Part 2

"What is meant for you will not pass you by."

-Irish Proverb

Hear the whisper of your heart


 What is your Heart's true desire? What makes you feel truly, deeply, & unequivocally ALIVE, full of inspiration & creative fire? This is going to be something NOTHING & NOBODY can take away from you. Not an ex, not a bad boss, not a pandemic...


Yellow Rose

Fall Forward 
Day 3

The Path of Gratitude

"Acknowledging the good that
you already have in your life
is the foundation for all
~ Eckhart Tolle

Attitude of Gratitude


What am I grateful for? How can I make more space for gratitude, even in the most difficult & trying situations?

What we focus our attention on becomes the lens through which we perceive & create our reality.


Gratitude is not just about making a list of all the things you're happy to have in your life (which definitely helps!) or thanking God that you met that cute guy at work, or got that apartment you wanted.


Gratitude is an attitude that you can apply to all circumstances in your life, even the ones you find to be the most challenging, unhelpful, or just plain annoying. ESPECIALLY those ones. If you can manage to do that, you'll find yourself attracting LOADS of aligned abundance, opportunity & meaningful relationships.

Fall Forward
Day 4

The Summit of Purpose

"The two most important days in your life
are the day you were born,
and the day you find out

~ Mark Twain

Yes, I Can and I Will


On Day 4 we explore our unique, ineffable mixture of natural talents, abilities, & interests that comprise the energetic signature of our soul's purpose (dharma). We will also explore how things that might be pegged as our weaknesses (emotional or sensory sensitivity, tendency to daydream, certain "symptoms" of neurological "disorders") are actually our greatest strengths in disguise. Lastly, we'll uncover how our most wounded points are actually where we're meant to shine our light from - this is transmutation.

Untitled (8 × 11 in).png
Untitled (8 × 11 in).png

Fall Forward
Day 5

Conclusion: Falling Forward with Confidence

What you Seek is
Seeking you
~ Rumi

Liberation and Transformation


On the final day of our time together here, we show you how you can put all that you've learned into practice to create more joy, more wins, more fulfillment, more peace, & more love in your life. We will share stories from people who have successfully gotten out of the muck of trauma, adverse circumstances, & self-sabotage. These people have embodied the concept of falling forward better than anyone! Their stories will serve as soul inspiration to anyone feeling lost, behind or defective in some way. We'll close out with some great actionable moves you can start making immediately to begin your journey of falling forward.

“I have lived on the lip of insanity, wanting to know reasons, knocking on a door. It opens. I've been knocking from the inside.”

~ Rumi

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