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Infinite Potential
April 9 - 10 , 2022

Find your 
purpose and create your best life 

Thank you for sharing 2 days of inspiration and transformation.

We are grateful to get to know you!

See you in the fall!

Her Majesty


Knowing who we truly are and expanding our  awareness of  body and mind, are the first steps to finding and living our purpose, our dharma.

Arriving at  the stillness of our being and asking 'Who am I? What is my heart's true desire? What is my purpose?"

Then listening  to the voice of our soul as it gently whispers in the silence that is full of answers.

Begin your journey of finding your purpose.


White Fabric

Letting Go

We can choose to live a life recycling memories, following old patterns of desires, attaining

and clinging to material things, to roles we play, to people  that are no longer nurturing for us We can choose a  life style we have lived for years and we were told is best for us, knowing that is no longer nursing. OR We can chose to let go of all that is preventing us from being the best version of ourselves and living the best life.

What you will let go?

Pink Bubbles


Once we have become aware and we have let go of everything that no longer serves us, we create a lightness of being. We create a space that is ready to receive the abundance of the infinite possibilities we were born into. When we let go we are free to create. Creativity is the freedom to be, to expand, to learn, to transform, to  choose  expansion over constriction, light over darkness, love over fear.

Start creating your best life!

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