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“We are travelers on a journey to the heart of life. We all find, in our own time and our own way, a path that leads us from constriction to expansion, from limitation to infinite possibility, from fear to love, and from separation to unity.”

Keynote  Speaker

Micole Noble

Micole is passionate about guiding others to their best life. Her belief is in a consciousness-based approach to teaching and coaching and she is a Certified Chopra Master Educator, Chopra Faculty member, and Chopra Mentor Coach.  Teaching the Seven Spiritual Laws of Yoga is a specialty of hers, and she is obsessed with Yoga philosophy and history. This along with her corporate experience makes sharing the sister sciences of Yoga and Meditation to reduce stress in the workplace a calling of hers as well. 


Micole guides her clients back to themselves by facilitating presence, peace, and by listening with intention for what they are committed to. The experience is one of lightness, purpose, and an overall expansion of Self.   


Working with Micole is described as heart-centered, simple, and transformational guidance that is infused with wisdom, humor, and empathy.


Encouraging others to follow their dreams and desires by taking a leap to become an entrepreneur, feeling the fear about something and deciding to do it anyway, and having the courage to tell the truth about what they really want are some of the ways Micole helps to shift others toward their unique gift or talent.


Micole is a logophile and has a keen appreciation and fascination for how humans use language to create both our inner and outer worlds.  She actually is the change she wants to see in the world.


Micole holds a BS degree in Communication with a mass media focus from California State University, San Marcos, and has two life coaching certifications, in addition to being a 2019 graduate of lululemon’s 200-hour Yoga & Leadership program, mind.ful.on.


Micole is a newly published Author who shares her personal journey to creating her own sacred space in Maui, HI and the tool(s) she used to get there in the book Sacred Spaces, Subtle Shifts for Mind, Body, and Home Transformation. Read the book HERE.


She lives with her husband, Todd, and two dogs in Carlsbad, CA and has two grown boys.


Find and follow Micole here:


Instagram: @micolenoble


Linked In:




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Anni Tuffnell

As a Transformational Coach and Meditation Teacher, Anni draws on her past experiences in the Corporate World of Human Resources, her training as a Pranic Healing Practitioner, Master Practitioner NLP Coach and Primordial Sound Meditation teachings. 

Anni is passionate and committed to supporting her clients to rediscover themselves and thus improving their lives for the better. The main focus currently is on women in their Third Trimester of Life who on the surface appear to have everything, however inside feel physically, emotionally and spiritually lacking and unaligned with their values and ethics. Her clients are supported on a journey of rediscovery ‘7 Shades of You’ a 7 week Transformational Programme’, unravelling with empathy and gently exposing her clients’ new found energy, mentally, physically and spiritually.

"It wasn’t at all what I expected transformational coaching to be like. It was brilliant and has transformed the way I think about my past, present and future. I have a clearer idea of what I actually want. As a result I feel less anxious. I was enabled to reflect on my achievements which have boosted my self-esteem.” Chloe.

Anni has lived in the South West of England for the last 20yrs having left London to seek new experiences. Now she is embarking on a new adventure, involving  the commissioning of the building of a mobile Tiny House, off grid, which will be based on a Farm in Suffolk, UK.  This is part of a project which will be shared with clients who will benefit from her further exposure and learnings to be handed down through the Coaching Programmes and Health and Wellbeing Workshops.

With the love of travel and continual learnings, which has included trekking to Machu Picchu, swimming with free Dolphins  of the Coast of Hawaii, attending a Deepak Chopra Retreat in Hawaii, and escorting an elderly Burmese Lady to Myanmar, Anni continues to read, research and learn and develop herself in order to support others.

Credentials:    CIPD in Human Resources

                         NLP Master Practitioner

                         Diploma in Deep Change Coaching

                         Diploma in Autism Coaching

                         Diploma in Positive Psychology

                         Certificated Primordial Sound Meditation Teacher.


You can find Anni via:







Fernanda Machado 

Fernanda is a spiritual teacher from Brazil living in Denmark for 2 decades.

She is a meditation and Ayurvedic teacher, Ho’oponopono master, reiki healer who loves to serve with her teachings.

Fernanda has  developed an inner child healing course where she has taught hundreds of   students and on how to heal their emotions.

Connect with Fernanda

On Instagram @hoponoponoemeditacao


EK Cameron

EK is a Certified Life Coach, Meditation & Well-Being Life Style Instructor with Chopra Global and International Coach Federation, after working as a Financial Analyst in Global Financial Organizations for over a decade.


She started her journey of discovering herself and the true purpose of her living several years ago. After bouts of health scares, some mental and emotional turbulence, she stumbled onto a meditation practice at Infinite Possibilities Retreat with back-then the Chopra Center.


Currently, EK teaches meditation classes, guides and supports the youth and adults through coaching and retreat sessions. She believes that Mindfulness and Meditation practice is one of the fundamental tools for being empowered, creative and whole. She is also an advocate of living a balanced life which is not only a healthy living for individuals but also living in healthier communities and an extended environment.


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Irene Ott Rueckert


A couple years ago, out of curiosity, Irene joined a yoga & meditation class during a vacation. Both were mind-blowing, the symbolic door opened. The philosophy of the ancient yogis in India had answered some of herdeepest questions in life. Walking this path gives her trust in herself and in something bigger. Tools like breathing exercises, simple yoga movements and her daily meditation practice help her not only overcome obstacles with more flow, they enhance every aspect of her life. 


Being a Chopra Meditation Teacher and Strala Yoga Guide and a  Certified Dharma/Spiritual Life Coach give her the opportunity to help others reconnect with their unique inner magic. The more people who experience their magic, the brighter our planet will shine… 


She lives in Switzerland on Lake Zurich. For fun she loves writing, reading, music, photography, spending time in nature, hiking with her husband and furry friend, and connecting with friends and new folks all over the globe.   


You can reach Irene at: or
Instagram: @beautyofsilence_meditation

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Jim Adams

Jim Adams is a Chopra Global Certified Meditation instructor. His focus is on exploring how meditation and psychedelics affect and positively change the brain’s Default Mode Network!


Jim is the founder of Corporate Gurus, which brings meditation, yoga, breath work, and visualization instruction to the workplace. Additionally, he is currently developing an online meditation program and healing course for those coping with the trauma of divorce.


Jim is also a certified 200-RYT yoga instructor. 


Professionally, Jim is an entrepreneur and is launching a franchised alternative healing business later this year. 

Nathan Green.jpg

Nathan Green


"The wound is the place where the light enters you" - Rumi

Nathan Green is from Bountiful, Utah.  He loves spending time in nature with his wife and two boys. He is a Chopra Certified Primordial Sound Meditation Instructor. Nathan is passionate about helping others remember who they are by awakening the power within. His personal life story has taken him through some dark moments, allowing for personal growth and an inward journey. He is grateful for all the love and support from his family. His life goals align with Chopra Global by expanding the collective consciousness and creating a happy and peaceful environment for all BEINGS!


Riya Wang

I am Riya Wang. A courageous, curious, creative woman who embodies the spiritual mindset in my daily life, both personal and professional.  I transcend my limitations to live an abundant life and fulfill my passion by serving the world and helping others.


I am well-traveled and bring diverse, life-changing healing techniques directly from my masters from around the world. My methods include self-reflection, self-awareness, transcendence, body, mind, and soul alignment. I also use additional techniques for transformative healing and a deepening of the practice of inner knowing. I am conducting and leading numerous meditation classes, sound healing workshops, transformational courses, and individual healing sessions. 


My credentials:

●       Founder of Zenquency Art Of Healing

●       Certified Chopra Life Coach

●       Certified Meditation Teacher

●       Certified Chopra Ayurveda Educator

●       Certified Sound Healing Therapist by the State of California

●       Tibetan Singing Bowl teacher

●       Transformational healing Podcast Host


Email address : 


Check here to visit my Website:

Zenquency Art Of Healing


Click here to add me as a connection on Facebook:

Zenquency - Healing Vibration



Click here to follow me on LinkedIn:

Riya (Rebecca) Wang


Click here to follow my Youtube Channel:

Zenquency _artofhealing

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Sujan Shah


Sujan Shah is a Mindfulness Practitioner and Keynote Speaker. Growing up in India, Sujan Shah had been involved in the practice of mindfulness and meditation. He had been speaking and training about mindfulness for more than five years. Sujan believes that exploring the dimension beyond mind and body is something fundamental to humankind. Thus, everyone can obtain a higher understanding of the authentic self in a relationship with the universe.


Sujan is a certified Chopra Meditation Teacher. He has completed his bachelor's in Homeopathic medicine from India. He also studies and teaches the path of non-dualism based on Eastern wisdom teachings to train groups on mindfulness and make the meaning of meditation simple to follow and practice. He had been practicing mindfulness since his formative years. He routinely delivers many talks on mindfulness subjects for various groups. His interest lies in helping communities to make better choices for changing lifestyles and live a blissful life. 

Facebook SujanSpeaks

Instagram @Sujanspeaks


Saule Ilona Vaida

Saule Ilona Vaida is a musician, Reiki Master, Tarot Reader, and Spiritual guide who specializes in quantum healing and parts work to integrate trauma from this and other lifetimes.


She's been practicing Reiki and tarot for over 3 years using an integrative, present-moment approach combined with channeling and accessing the akashic records. You can follow her work through Tik Tok and Instagram @saulethestarseed and through her podcast The Starseed Network podcast, exploring our spiritual human journeys and interviewing other lightworkers/practitioners/healers. 

The Starseed Network podcast is available on Spotify, iTunes and YouTube.

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Val m

Val Markovska

Val has been a seeker on the path of finding her true self and purpose all her life. Her adventurous spirit and desire to grow and be the best version of herself, led her on a transformative journey that started in her 20’s with practicing meditation, yoga and exploring the ancient wisdom of Eastern philosophies. 

Born in Bulgaria, Val  has been living in the United States for more than 30 years. While raising her daughter as a single mother, Val found inspiration and strength in expanding her knowledge, allowing her to go deeper in the spiritual quest to learn more about the Universe and her place in it. She continued studying and pursuing  teacher certification in yogic sciences.


Val is 200 RYT Anusara yoga teacher, with additional training in therapeutic yoga, Reiki Master, and Spinal Flush sound therapy certified.

She had completed a Sound healing foundation training using crystal singing bowls. She is currently training in Vedic Counseling.

Val is a Chopra Certified Ayurvedic Lifestyle and Primordial Sound Meditation Teacher.

Val’s passionate about learning and has found her purpose in sharing the wisdom of Yoga, Vedanta, Ayurveda, meditation, pranayama, and helping others live healthy, happy, harmonious life.  She leads her students on a mindful, playful journey of setting intentions to open the heart, challenge the mind, expand body and spirit, and bring lightness of being. 

As founder of Chicago-based, The Light Between, LLC, Val offers private, group classes, workshops, wellness retreats, both in-person and online, integrating the yogic sciences of Yoga, Pranayama, Meditation, Ayurveda, as well as sound and energy healing and counseling people of all ages and all walks of life.

Infinite Potential is the 3rd virtual wellness event Val has organized and participated in as a website and content creator as well as presenter.


Val is grateful for the support of the  wonderful group of professionals and certified wellness teachers and practitioners that, once again, will offer their practical knowledge and will connect with you during the Satsang on April 9-10.


Connect with Val:


Facebook:  The Light Between

Instagram:  @InTheLightBetween

Look for Val's special offer in the Virtual Swag Bag.

Cecile Bersegeay

Cécile is a Chopra Perfect Health Ayurvedic Lifestyle Instructor, a Reiki practitioner, a speaker, a writer, a Drama Director and a voice coach.

She is passionate about using these wide-ranging tools (from Ayurvedic resources to Voice Therapy) to help people embrace their true selves as well as give them personalized solutions for emotional and physical recovery.

You can reach her at &  (french)

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