“We are travelers on a journey to the heart of life. We all find, in our own time and our own way, a path that leads us from constriction to expansion, from limitation to infinite possibility, from fear to love, and from separation to unity.”

Keynote  Speaker


Sheila Patel, M.D.

Dr. Sheila Patel is the Chief Medical Officer for Chopra Global and a board-certified family physician. For more than a decade, she practiced full-spectrum family medicine, from prenatal care and deliveries, to ER coverage, and inpatient and outpatient primary care for all ages. In addition to her role at Chopra Global, she also maintains an outpatient family medicine practice in Southern California where she integrates holistic healing practices into conventional medicine. 

Dr. Patel joined the Chopra Center in Carlsbad, California in 2010 and helped manage the Perfect Health holistic lifestyle program, as well as the Mind-Body Medical Group, where she provided integrative, Ayurvedic medical consultations. She has spoken at Chopra Global events as well as at other integrative medical conferences, and is a lead educator for the Chopra certification programs. She is a certified yoga and meditation instructor, as well as an Ayurvedic consultant. She maintains a voluntary clinical position at the University of San Diego School of Medicine in the Department of Family Medicine and Public Health where she has mentored medical students interested in primary care and integrative medicine.

Dr Patel is also on the Clinical Research Team for the Chopra Foundation, with a commitment to bringing scientific validation to mind-body practices, and is the co-author of multiple publications on the subjects of meditation, Ayurveda, and whole-systems healing. She enjoys the opportunity to bring light to the mechanisms of action of mind-body practices and sharing this knowledge with others. Dr. Patel believes the best way to achieve wellness is to integrate all of the knowledge available to us, from modern conventional medicine as well as from traditional healing systems, to create individualized treatment plans. Her hope is that by confirming the benefits of mind-body practices more people will gain access to these life-enhancing techniques and learn how to implement them into their lives for optimal well-being.



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Anni Tuffnell

Following a varied career in mainly hospitality, which included exploring spiritual as well as mainstream teachings and studies these then curiously culminated in a career in Human Resources.  I also completed this professional accreditation with studying and combining within my corporate role, NLP training to Mastery level together with Positive Psychology Coaching and an additional NLP coaching specialism for those either touching on or within the Autistic Spectrum.
I provide tailored one-to-one coaching and workshops exploring  stress and anxiety, depression, trauma and other dis-empowering conditions as well as general support with identifying and achieving goals.
In defining who I help, these are specifically humans who are still finding their voice. Those who arriving into maturity who do not feel mature and grounded Those who are finding that the decisions, behaviours they have been carrying in their previous years no longer serves them but are at a loss as to why this is and are looking for guidance to re-establish themselves, to discover the ‘real ME’ and to dump the old and embrace the new.
Additional tools to support my clients, includes Primordial Sound Meditation, Chopra Meditation Teacher Certified, together with established Breathing Techniques proven to be effective. 
In offering expert guidance, I support and empower my clients in harnessing the unique method of this ancient meditation practice together with breathing techniques to achieve peace of mind and stillness within the chaos and drama of everyday life in this modern world.
Website: https://www.phoenixguidance.co.uk
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/608928702917846


Ashley Aurora

In the most positive way possible, Ashley Aurora is uncannily built for the city of Los Angeles. Drawn since birth to music performance & composition, Ashley also has a natural knack for other forms of radical self-expression & energetic transmutation. She is very excited to contribute her insights to The Infinite Potential Workshop.  

Ashley is a recording artist and an established songwriter. She has written hundreds of songs, some of which she records and performs, others are collaboration with other artists. Born in Chicago, Ashley currently lives in Los Angeles, California pursuing her career and creative purpose of using the magic of music to  bring light and positivity into the world. 

Listen to Ashley's music on all streaming platforms - AppleMusic, Spotify,IHeartRadio

Instagram: @imashleyaurora


EK Cameron

EK is a Certified Life Coach, Meditation & Well-Being Life Style Instructor with Chopra Global and International Coach Federation, after working as a Financial Analyst in Global Financial Organizations for over a decade.


She started her journey of discovering herself and the true purpose of her living several years ago. After bouts of health scares, some mental and emotional turbulence, she stumbled onto a meditation practice at Infinite Possibilities Retreat with back-then the Chopra Center.


Currently, EK teaches meditation classes, guides and supports the youth and adults through coaching and retreat sessions. She believes that Mindfulness and Meditation practice is one of the fundamental tools for being empowered, creative and whole. She is also an advocate of living a balanced life which is not only a healthy living for individuals but also living in healthier communities and an extended environment.

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Irene Ott Rueckert


A couple years ago, out of curiosity, Irene joined a yoga & meditation class during a vacation. Both were mind-blowing, the symbolic door opened. The philosophy of the ancient yogis in India had answered some of herdeepest questions in life. Walking this path gives her trust in herself and in something bigger. Tools like breathing exercises, simple yoga movements and her daily meditation practice help her not only overcome obstacles with more flow, they enhance every aspect of her life. 


Being a Chopra Meditation Teacher and Strala Yoga Guide and a  Certified Dharma/Spiritual Life Coach give her the opportunity to help others reconnect with their unique inner magic. The more people who experience their magic, the brighter our planet will shine… 


She lives in Switzerland on Lake Zurich. For fun she loves writing, reading, music, photography, spending time in nature, hiking with her husband and furry friend, and connecting with friends and new folks all over the globe.   


You can reach Irene at: www.beautyofsilence.ch or
Instagram: @beautyofsilence_meditation

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Jamie Cromer Grue

Jamie Cromer Grue is an integrative holistic psychoanalyst and certified Perfect Health Chopra Instructor.

She is also trained in hypnotherapy before she became a psychoanalyst.  Jamie is a well-read professional saturated in the credentials to help anyone on their psychological journeys. She has a private practice in New Orleans and she is on the faculty of the New Orleans Birmingham Psychoanalytic Center. Jamie is also a member of the American Psychoanalytic Association, the International Psychoanalytic Association, and she is a board-certified psychoanalyst through the American Board of Psychoanalysis. 


Windows To Wisdom was born so she could empower and educate curious and psychologically-minded therapists and coaches by revealing the powerful wisdom of the unconscious. We deepen self-awareness within a unifying and collaborative community to create insightful impact in the world with confidence and clarity. With this balanced, purposeful, and conscious living, we bring true meaning to our everyday lives.

Website: https://www.windowstowisdom.com/

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/JamieCromerGrue

Facebook Group:  https://www.facebook.com/groups/wtwfreecommunity

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/windowstowisdom/?hl=en

Inner Compass Link: https://view.flodesk.com/pages/60ce5760b5a110882f22a0dd

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Lois Wax

My name is Lois Wax, a Primordial Sound Meditation Teacher, Psychotherapy counselor, and dental hygienist. I address the spiritual, emotional, and physical well-being of my clients. My background has been in health with my dental hygiene practice.

My counseling deals with the emotional and spiritual aspects of our lives. My emphasis is growth through an interdisciplinary approach. I started meditating 35 years ago with the Transcendental Meditation Program with Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. I practiced for 10 years and lost the momentum. I was still looking for a guiding light and then found the teachings of Dr. Deepak Chopra.

Dr. Chopra’s teachings became my beacon to learn and grow in Primordial Sound Meditation. Eight years ago, I completed the Wagner counseling program at the American Jewish University. Since then, I have been working with the Senior Outreach Program at Providence Hospital in Los Angeles. I have used the knowledge for growth with meditation and life coaching with my clients.

In June of 2020, I completed the Primordial Sound Meditation Enrichment and Certification Program that I incorporate with my Life Coach counseling. I hope to be of help to enrich your life with a new perspective on the immense possibilities for growth and discovery. The three-pronged approach of physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being has been my journey to health, and lend my hand and experience as your guide.


Michelle Toth

Michelle Toth is a  Well-being Expert & Brilliant Muse Founder. She is  a Certified Chopra Instructor, teaches the benefits of meditation, yoga, and an Ayurvedic lifestyle to help people achieve a more balanced and joyful life. Filled with humor, empathy, and energy, Michelle’s simplistic approach and engaging style are as unique and inspiring as her story


Over ten years ago, as business in Silicon Valley continued to boom, Michelle picked up her family and successful career to move East, in search of a more balanced and joyful life. It was leaving the unhealthy, stressful hamster wheel of her Bay Area lifestyle for Northeast Ohio that super-charged Michelle’s quest to live a life of radical well-being.


Michelle initially founded Brilliant Muse to have more balance in her life and help fellow moms get flexible and remote work from the Bay Area tech giants she still worked with. As Michelle’s ongoing wellness journey enabled her to grow, so did the business, and her passion for helping people deepened. 


Now, in addition to specialized managed business services and staffing, the Brilliant Muse team offers corporate wellness solutions and instruction — infusing radical well-being into everything they do for their clients and the people that work for them.

Connect with Michelle

www.brilliantmuse.com | Linkedin: @brilliantmuse | Brilliant Musings Blog


Nathan Green

"The wound is the place where the light enters you" - Rumi

Nathan Green is from Bountiful, Utah.  He loves spending time in nature with his wife and two boys. He is a Chopra Certified Primordial Sound Meditation Instructor. Nathan is passionate about helping others remember who they are by awakening the power within. His personal life story has taken him through some dark moments, allowing for personal growth and an inward journey. He is grateful for all the love and support from his family. His life goals align with Chopra Global by expanding the collective consciousness and creating a happy and peaceful environment for all BEINGS!


Dr. Rashmi Schramm 

I  am a board certified family physician with 21 years of clinical experience. I am also a national board certified integrative health coach. 

I am proud to be a certified Chopra teacher in Ayurveda Lifestyle and PSM. 

I incorporate ancient wisdom techniques into modern medicine. I teach Ayurveda lifestyle and meditation to physicians and other health professionals regularly. 


I am the founder of Optimal Wellness, where I offer group and individual coaching - all of which always includes meditation and mindfulness training. 


I help busy women to let go of guilt and tap into inner peace and power, so they can live life with more energy and purpose. 

Instagram  @drRashmiSchramm

Facebook: @drRashmiSchramm


Sujan Shah


Sujan Shah is a Mindfulness Practitioner and Keynote Speaker. Growing up in India, Sujan Shah had been involved in the practice of mindfulness and meditation. He had been speaking and training about mindfulness for more than five years. Sujan believes that exploring the dimension beyond mind and body is something fundamental to humankind. Thus, everyone can obtain a higher understanding of the authentic self in a relationship with the universe.


Sujan is a certified Chopra Meditation Teacher. He has completed his bachelor's in Homeopathic medicine from India. He also studies and teaches the path of non-dualism based on Eastern wisdom teachings to train groups on mindfulness and make the meaning of meditation simple to follow and practice. He had been practicing mindfulness since his formative years. He routinely delivers many talks on mindfulness subjects for various groups. His interest lies in helping communities to make better choices for changing lifestyles and live a blissful life. 

Facebook SujanSpeaks

Instagram @Sujanspeaks


Val Markovska

Val has been a seeker on the path of finding her true self and purpose all her life. She was born in Bulgaria and has been living in the United States for more than 30 years. She is 200 RYT Anusara yoga teacher, Reiki Master, and Spinal Flush sound therapy certified.

Val is a Chopra Certified Ayurvedic Lifestyle and Primordial Sound Meditation Teacher. https://www.choprateachers.com

Val’s passionate about learning and sharing the wisdom of Yoga, Vedanta, Ayurveda, meditation, pranayama, and helping others live healthy, happy, harmonious life.  She leads her students on a mindful, playful journey of setting intentions to open the heart, challenge the mind, expand body and spirit, and bring lightness of being.  

Val is the founder of Chicago-based, The Light Between, LLC. 

Website: TheLightBetween.com

Facebook:  The Light Between

Instagram:  @IntheLightBetween

Special Thanks to PULSATION YOGA for offering their studio for the recording of the yoga Yin practice.

Website: PulsationYoga.com

Facebook: PulsationYoga

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